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How to create a reference brand in the market

Throughout our trajectory as doctors who save brands, we received many patients with deals that had not lasted even a year, because they did not conquer their audience. Many times they were good ideas, but they were not polished to have a market differential.

Today we are going to tell you the secret of a business to thrive and, in addition, teach you how your brand can leave a mark on the world and win people over.

The 3 steps to building a strong brand

There are 3 fundamental steps that cannot be skipped if you want to have a brand that will be born and play in the world: branding, marketing and content strategy.

After all, despite being 3 different universes, they complement each other - since each one has a function within the strategic plan of a business.


First of all, when we create a brand, we need to have some things very clear, because, just like people, brands have an identity: their purpose, their differentials, their positioning, how they communicate, etc.

So, branding is the first step in this construction because it helps to identify and develop a brand so that it generates identification and connects with people. This is a step, therefore, of self-knowledge. And it is with good branding work that we will develop an irresistible brand that people want to buy.

After all, the consumer tends to connect and choose what generates desire, emotion and identification. Have you ever stopped to think about it?


Now that you have a desired brand, it's time to sell your products or services. This is where marketing strategy comes in. With the branding strategy defined, it's time to dive into the business model, identify the sales gaps that will be filled with the marketing work, analyse your competition to find points of overcoming and think about commercial details: how your product or service will go be distributed? How to price what you sell for your business to make a profit?

Therefore, the marketing plan is very important. It will add value to your branding proposal: it is where the dots of your business connect.


Your brand has gone through the branding and marketing stage. Now, it's time to get your hands dirty and think about the tactical plan that will put into practice everything you imagined for your business.

Therefore, the content plan will identify your brand’s DNA, how it interacts online and offline, the editorial line, the channels that make the most sense for your business and even the emojis you should use to be remembered by the public. ! Here at the clinic, we call this stage a “revolution”, because it is the big step that prepares your business to be relevant and gain authority, and revolutionises (really!) the way you tell your story to the world!

Creating a reference brand

Now, imagine the scene: the patient arrives here at the clinic without any of these strategies and says: I want an Instagram profile to sell a product I created. The doctors’ diagnosis is given on the spot: your business will be born and your idea may be very good, but your brand will go into a coma along with other ideas that did not sustain themselves because they skipped the 3 steps necessary to gain relevance, authority and audience. .

In other words: branding creates, marketing sells and strategic content brings consistency. All together, like our body's systems that connect and work as a team to make us stand up.

And you want to know the best part of this whole story? Dr. Social Media accompanies you in all stages of a brand's health, providing a medical team that will dive into your pain and bring the best direction for your brand to be a reference in the market!

It's time to get your million dollar business off the ground. Do not know where to start? Doctors help you!


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