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We save brands around the world

We see brands as people who need to be cared for in an individualized way, with professionalism, a human look and love.

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Who is Dr. Social media?

We are a team of PhD specialists in each area of communication. The clinic was born to take care of brands with excellence in every detail. And we take care of everything. From the birth of a brand to the treatment to stay healthy and achieve your goals.

As the saying “Health first” would say. That's why before carrying out any branded treatment, we analyze the necessary tests, make a diagnosis and adjust everything that is necessary.


We start with the heart of your brand! After all, it is through it that we win people over and make brands irresistible to their customers and stakeholders.

Quem é a Dra.
Image by Clay Banks

What mark do you want to leave on the world?

Image by Daniel Olah

We are a clinic
without borders. 
Our Doctors are around the world, as are our patients.

  • Brasil
    • Bap Energy • Spice Design • Facess
  • França
    • Abundx • La Classe
  • Portugal
    • WePickUp • Famiglia Lamana
  • Estados Unidos
    • Luni Agency • Global Amazon School
  • Itália
    • Milane Taboada
  • Suíça
    • Juliana Rigassi

How patients feel...

The Doctors Podcast

Ouça a voz das Doutoras especialistas em comunicação!


Check out the analyzes of the Doctors. 

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