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Why are brands that tell stories the ones that enchant people?

One thing is for sure: brands are like people and each person is their own brand. But, before you get confused, our medical team will explain the importance of storytelling in 2 quick and accurate diagnoses with some pain you may be feeling, but don't know the treatment.

Your brand has no heart

Humanized brands are no longer the ones that post pictures of people in their feed or that are purposeless fun. They are those that arouse emotions, that make people feel welcomed, understood, safe and loved.

Therefore, humanized brands exist to make people feel part of something. And that's where a very important factor comes in: humanization happens when you tell a story that causes an action in the other. If you discover this bridge, you will never be short of topics to address on social media.

And why are we talking about humanization? Because brands are like humans (as they need to understand, feel and provoke emotions) and each person is their own brand. To explain this better, let's go to the second big pain:

Executives think that only the brand needs a strategy

You already understand that each person is a brand, but now we are going to explain the impacts of this on your communication.

First of all, it is worth remembering that when you (you yourself, the person reading this text!) decide to join a social network, your personal brand becomes public. If, in this network, you choose to be frequent, expose your opinions, your positioning and your stories, you should attract other people interested in what you have to say to your space. And the more you do it consistently, the more you generate authority and relevance.

However, when you don't do this clearly, you end up leaving your position open to interpretation. And it's like the saying goes: those who are not seen are not remembered. Or more than that: worse than being forgotten is being remembered as someone who didn't create bonds with the public, who didn't enchant with the stories he could have told and didn't connect with people. An executive who has nothing to say leaves a lot to be desired.

Therefore, following a personal branding plan in parallel with your company's is critical for CEOs, senior leaders or executives who need to build digital reputation. After all, no brand tells a story alone. And when we bring relevant people to the forefront of brands, we strengthen and deliver even more value to the business.

Remember: people connect with people. If you are one of the bridges to connect your audience to your business, the chances of generating identification go beyond any borders. And you only have one mission: to tell stories that enchant.

And now, doctor, where to start?

Simple: No communication is clear and effortlessly charming, but you don't have to do it all yourself. Our doctors have specific treatments for those who want to enhance their voice on social media and generate more authority and relevance. We are experts in creating brands that tell stories through people.

That's why our differential goes beyond giving people a voice: we make their hearts beat again. And, with your heartbeat up to date, you and your business will be in total harmony: telling stories, enchanting people and leaving a mark on the world.

It's time to do it in a simple, charming and professional way. When you're ready, just call us!


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